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Structural Complexity in the Global System

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

[As posted at Rising BRICSAM. Note that the blog title was provided by the Rising BRICSAM host. As the editor notes at Rising Bricsam, I took part in the Harvard-Beida Conference earlier in the month that is referenced in other blog entries at Rising Bricsam. This missive is a reaction to the blog post, Looking […]

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[As posted at Rising BRICSAM] The conversation about Rising BRICSAM is about changes in the hierarchy of international power and influence. It is interesting to think about the general factors that create changes in the size distributions of actors in competition. Stability and instability. It might be instructive to compare the rise and decline of […]

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The Rise and Fall and Rise of Declinism

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

[As posted at Rising BRICSAM] The conversation about BRICSAM takes place against the backdrop of assessments about the international system. And the problem is that there is an ever-present cottage industry extrapolating from short term dynamics to make sweeping generalizations about the course of history, and it is typically wrong. Put differently, we are experiencing […]

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