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Archive for June, 2008

[As posted at Rising BRICSAM] The conversation about Rising BRICSAM is about changes in the hierarchy of international power and influence. It is interesting to think about the general factors that create changes in the size distributions of actors in competition. Stability and instability. It might be instructive to compare the rise and decline of […]

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[As posted at Rising BRICSAM] Alan’s post on Monday focused on the views of G8 members about the possibility of expanding their membership. This post was drafted before Alan’s and focuses instead on the G-8’s outreach efforts. I’ve described in previous posts the different bases for constructing international groupings and how the BRIC and IBSA […]

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The Creation of Clubs: The BRIC

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

[As posted at Rising BRICSAM] In a previous post, I distinguished three bases for grouping countries. In this blog, I discuss the BRIC and its possible expansion to BRICSAM in that context. The Creation of Clubs States form international institutions self-consciously to achieve some objective(s). The institutions can be organized along areal or functional lines. […]

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[As posted at Rising BRICSAM] BRICSAM is being proffered as a new grouping of states. Alan has written a set of excellent blogs asking whether the BRICSAM states have comparable wealth and power positions and whether all the countries fit in the same category or class. What began as a Goldman Sachs grouping of BRICs […]

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