Affect, Interest, and Political Entrepreneurs in Ethnic and Religious Conflicts. Edited by Arthur Stein & Ayelet Harel-Shalev. Special issue: Ethnic and Racial Studies 40 (12).

      Ancestral and Instrumental in the Politics of Ethnic and Religious Conflict
           Arthur Stein and Ayelet Harel-Shalev

Domestic and International Sources of Political Competition and Conflict

When and Why Do Some Social Cleavages Become Politically Salient
      Rather Than Others?

           Daniel N. Posner

Ethnicity, Extraterritoriality, and International Conflict
           Arthur A. Stein

Ethnic and Religious Conflict in the Middle East

Representation, Minorities and Electoral Reform: The Case of the
      Palestinian Minority in Israel

           Rebecca Kook

The Paradox of Powersharing: Stability and Fragility in Postwar Lebanon
           Amanda Rizkallah

Changing Islam, Changing the World: Contrasting Visions Within
      Political Islam

           Eli Alshech and Nimrod Hurvitz

Ethnic and Religious Conflict in Asia

The “Ethnic” in Indonesia’s Communal Conflicts: Violence in Ambon,
      Poso and Sambas

           Kirsten E. Schulze

Gendering Ethnic Conflicts: Minority Women in Divided Societies and the
      Case of Muslim Women in India

           Ayelet Harel-Shalev